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Sabine is an outstanding Art Director. Only very few creative people, that I’ve met, has the ability to constantly renewing themselves and always challenge their clients in new a positive ways. Sabine has always done that. As an Art Director on Co+Høgh Sabine has played a major part in creating the very strong visual brand that 3 today is in the Danish marked.
Søren Rinnov Østergaard  |  Head of BTC Marketing  |  3Mobil Denmark

I had pleasure to work with Sabine Herskind on both strategic and operational projects related to brand and brand portfolio management. Sabine has been the strongest creative asset in the team responsible for British American Tobacco at the agency side with a great ability to translate client’s brief into actionable yet out of box solutions. Moreover Sabine during the time of our cooperation has shown passion and commitment in the job she has been responsible for and was constantly delivering added value. I would therefore recommend Sabine for any position where both creativity and business understanding is reguired.
Krysztof Cholewa  |  Brand Manager  |  British American Tobacco

Sabine shows great passion for her work and is fact based from beginning to end. She focuses on the creative process but also respects the clients concerns and comments via constructive dialogue. I was presented to a project strategy containing research on the target group and media and prospects for the brand – all in line with my brief.
Christina Földes  |  Brand Manager  |  Kraft Foods

I have had the pleasure of working with Sabine on a number of projects for British American Tobacco. She has been a very strong and valuable creative resource, with a great business understanding. Furthermore she has a great personality, which has made the corporation even more pleasant. I wish her the best of luck in her future career, any one should be lucky to work with her.
Barbara Bühlmann  |  Brand Manager  |  British American Tobacco

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Sabine on 2 different agencies and it’s been a pleasure every time. Sabine always work with high spirits, great enthusiasm, superior skills and she has a great personality. I would love to work with Sabine again if the opportunity comes.
Allan Andreasen  |  Partner  |  Fastforward 

Sabine eats creativity for breakfast. She is a hard worker and a diligent coworker – and someone I always wanted on my team. She is generous with her ideas, and takes the time to both explain and listen. I love Sabine’s honesty and admire her deep talent. I highly recommend Sabine.
Camryn Thomas  |  Copywriter  |  Co+Høgh

I had the privilege to work with Sabine at J. Walter Thompson for several years – most of the time in the process of creating TVC. I’ve always seen Sabine as very creative, skilled and dedicated which definitely is shown in her work.
Nicolai Schierbeck  |  Producer  |  Leo Burnett Denmark

I have worked with Sabine on different creative projects at BBDO Denmark. Sabine is a joy to work with due to her fantastic dedication, superior skills and great personality. Sabine is respected by her clients and co-workers for her strong-mindedness yet listening attitude. I wish Sabine the best in her future career.
Tobias Smidth-Fibiger  |  Executive Client Services Director  |  BBDO Denmark

Kreativ superklasse, strategisk forståelse og initiativrig holdspiller. Det er Sabine Herskind. Hun tager bolden og løber med den, inspirerer folk omkring sig, møder kunder og udfordringer med smittende enthusiasme og kompetence. Sabine er på alle måder i en klasse for sig. Socialt, fagligt og menneskeligt.
Annette Flinck  |  Planning Director  |  BBDO Denmark

Sabine er en die-hard kreativ, der aldrig stiller sig tilfreds med den første, den bedste løsning, men kæmper for at finde sin egen originale løsning. Hun har fingeren på pulsen og ved hvad der rører sig i såvel den digitale som den analoge verdens små sidegader.
Jakob Staalby  |  Creative Director  |  Ogilvy Activation

Sabine not only knows what she want’s but more important, she knows how communicate her visions. A valuable team player indeed.
Gabriel Diaz  |  Freelance illustrator  |  Co+Høgh

Not only is sabine a free spirited art director with great conceptuel skills and fresh ideas. She is also a very strong graphic designer with a detailed eye for typography.
Claus Møllebro  |  Creative Director  |  Co+Høgh

For nearly 5 years I had the pleasure of working closely with Sabine on a big international client, enjoying both her colourful work and positively exuberant personality. Her professional approach to every task, sense of aesthetics and strive for perfection makes her a respected colleague, a great art director, a true visionary and an asset to any creative team.
Christel Skadhauge  |  Graphic Designer  |  Co+Høgh

I worked with Sabine on 3-mobile as a storyboard artist. Her briefs was sharp and to the point and I enjoyed working with her. Dedication to the job, bubbling creativity, humor, and a nice person to spend time with. Guess that sums it up.
Snorre Krogh  |  Freelance Commercial Storyboard Artist  |  Snorre Lige Streger

Sabine is a gifted AD and her wast experience and rebel by nature mentality is a gift to any agency, client or project.
Christian Garnov  |  Senior Copywriter  |  Co+Høgh

I have had the Privilege to work with Sabine at Co+Høgh. Sabine is a multi talented Art Director that has a unique way of working with her clients. Sabine is always 110% committed to her work, and she always comes up with the best possible solution, giving the client exactly what they want, but always with a touch of Sabine’s fantastic style of Art Direction. I strongly recommend Sabine for all types of clients, as her knowledge and skills span very very wide. She is one of the most creative minds and inspiration I have ever worked with.
Torben Toft Andersen  |  Final Art  |  Co+Høgh

Sabine is one of the best Art Directors I have worked with, she has a cool style and think creatively like no other.
Neal Drasbeck  |  Digital Art Director  |  Co+Høgh

To all of you, who for some odd reason, don’t know yet! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sabine and also observing her at work. She is a rockstar of creativity but while her mind is busy flying to places you have never heard about or could even imagine, she is also in full control of a complete campaign and is therefore a natural force when it comes to seeing the full picture. She is a very experienced and professional advertising artist and often comes very recommended. I’m proud of being in her huge network and enjoying the colorfullness that is her personality. If you need a pro – Sabine is the way to go
Mark Christensen  |  Owner  |  The Mark

I have had the pleasure of working with Sabine on many occassions. Her creativity and her no-nonsense approach makes her a true visionary and a great partner, when it comes to photography. Sabine has the abilty to listen and also to make her visions shine through. Rock on girl.
Kristoffer Kosloff  |  Owner  |  Filter Management ApS

I had the pleasure of sharing an office and working with Sabine on a big international client. Her sense of aesthetics, pursuit of perfection and allround pleasant demeanor made every day something to look forward to. Sabine has my utmost respect and my full recommendation.
Patrick Chan  |  Art Director  |  Co+Høgh

I have enjoyed the privilege of executing Sabines wonder full creative and very visual ideas. When I work with Sabine it’s a comfort to work with a person who knows precisely what she want’s but is also receptive for new input.
Mads Lauritzen  |  Photographer  |  Mads Lauritzen Inc.

Quick, sharp and fresh. I like Sabine. I like working with Sabine.
Smike Käszner  |  Artist + Creative  |  BBDO  |  WDP  |  UMWELT

Amazing girl. Unique, creative and a good collegue.
Rikke Funder Hoppe,  |  Account Manager  |  BBDO Denmark



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Very Agency  | Kreativ Chef
October 2016 – March 2017

TV 2  |  Art Director & Kreativ konceptudvikler
June 2014 – October 2016

UnderHerskind | Art Director
May 2012 – Present

Ogilvy | Art Director
December 2010 – May 2012

BBDO | Art Director
March 2010 – December 2010

Co+Høgh | Art Director
August 2005 – March 2010

Bates | Art Director
2003 – 2005

J. Walter Thompson | Art Director
2001 – 2003

Fanfare/Lillebror | Art Director
1999 – 2001

Agitator | Art Director
1998 – 1999

Grey | Junior Art Director
1997 – 1998



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